Friday May 12th, 2017 РChicago, IL РDuane Redding, President and C.E.O. of Visual Litigation announced that he will begin the formation of a specific 501-C3 entity solely to support victims of wrongful conviction.  Resources will include trial animations, graphics, and other visual based materials.

Redding gained attention after his battle with the State of Michigan in which he himself had been wrongfully charged by the Michigan Attorney Generals office. Redding stated “We may never know if my relationship with Lee O’Brien and Geoffrey Fieger was behind this, but one thing is certain – it was an action of vengeance and without merit. It made me realize that other people in this situation may be accused of wrongdoing and not have the resources to fight.”

The incident that Duane Redding was referring to was the now infamous unveiling of then Michigan State Attorney General Mike Cox by Fieger. The updated story from the Detroit Free Press can be found here. O’Brien was the attorney of record for Redding, and believes that his ongoing dispute with Cox contributed to the Attorney Generals office actions against him. He (Redding) now resides in Illinois and has started a civil action against the State of Michigan for an estimated $20.1 million dollars. Redding sites numerous civil rights violations and ongoing harassment. “Besides writing a book over the treatment I received, I’ve decided to start a foundation and work to update certain laws that made it possible for the State of Michigan to do what they did.”

The new filing will allow attorneys currently participating in the Innocence Project to request support and even trial time. For more information, please contact Visual Litigation directly at 888-666-8544.

Duane Redding is the author of the upcoming book “Father & Defendant”